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Rainbow Edition (5 pack)

Rainbow Edition (5 pack)


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This Rainbow Edition 5 Pack contains one pair of sports safety glasses in each of the five vibrant colors; blue, green, orange, black, and red. All five pairs are designed to provide optimal protection while playing your favorite sport. With this Rainbow Edition, you'll be able to mix and match your sports gear to create unique and stylish looks. Get ready to stand out on the court with this stylish 5 pack.

What do our customers think?

Wilma Espach

Oudsthoorn, South Africa

"I am a parent of two boys playing squash since 2019. They both love squash and we as parents enjoy watching and encouraging them. Ever since they started playing both of them did various Tournaments and was selected for the EDEN team, SA Country team and both participated in more than one inter provincial tournament. They have been using the P360 protective glases since they have started playing squash and the quality of the glasses are superb. There has been some incidents with balls or racquets hitting them on the side of the glasses but the protection of the glasses was great and they only had minor bruises. We as parents feel at ease while they are playing and know their eyes are as vest protected as possible. The design is great and there is no problems with sweat or fogging. We are very strict and do not allow our boys in the courts without their glasses. Thank you so much for a great product."

Adrian Steyn

Cape Town, South Africa

"I am very impressed with the after sales service from Zak and the wonderful way he interacts with and treats his customers. Thank you for probably the most impressive and hassle free shopping experience and a truly great product."

Yolanda Coetzee

Pretoria, South Africa

"In my opinion, the open lens design is a game-changer that significantly contributes to a fog-free experience on the court. I can't imagine playing without them and would highly recommend the P360 glasses to fellow enthusiasts."

Mike Tootil

Massachusetts, USA

"The P360 glasses are superb! They don't fog up, and they are light and comfortable to wear!"

Kyle Snay

Minnesota, USA

"I discovered P360 in my Facebook feed. I’ve been playing pickleball for years and always wear eye protection. What quickly caught my attention were the cutout areas in the lenses. The design reminded me of glasses I’d wear when I used to play racquetball but the P360 has a sleek, sophisticated look. The problem with eyewear for pickleball is that they can fog up when it’s humid or you get streaks for when sweat drips down they lens. That’s never an issue with P360 so there’s no cleaning, you just wear them and take them off when you’re done playing. Not having a lens also makes them lighter and very comfortable, I don’t even realize I’m wearing them and oftentimes have driven home with them still on.

P360 is now my exclusive eyewear for indoor play our outside during evenings and overcast weather. I own a pair for each color and always keep them in my bag. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on eyewear from other companies and those glasses just take up room at home."

Kobus van der Vyver

Free State, South Africa

"These glasses are great, the open lens makes fogging no more."

Charmaine Baker

Durban, South Africa

"The glasses are popular with the children. In humid Durban, they are the best choice since there is no fogging."

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